Karen M. Loos, Customer Relations Manager

Ms. Loos currently serves as the Customer Relations Manager at Vital Motion, where she has built and maintains relationships with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue sufferers-customers, and maintains relationships with the support group communities of these chronic diseases. For the previous 12 years she was Manager of Customer Service at Lucid Inc, where she managed all aspects of the customer service relationship including its direct sales process and served as one of Lucid’s direct Customer Sales Representatives.

In addition to her role as Customer Service Manager, Ms. Loos provided assistance to Lucid’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Prior to her role at Lucid Inc, Ms. Loos was the Assistant to the Director of the Chemistry Department at the University of Rochester’s Center for Photo-Induced Charge Transfer.  Among her many duties, Ms. Loos provided administrative and technical assistance to all visiting scientists coming to the Center and worked with the Chair of the Organizing Committee in organizing the annual international symposium on photo-induced charge transfer at the University of Rochester.

Hear about The Hummingbird from Fellow Sufferers

“I would have paid double for my Hummingbird, that’s how well it works. I can walk much faster and stand much longer. My hips are substantially less painful and my strides longer. My legs don’t hurt in the morning. I love this machine and recommend it to anyone with fibromyalgia.”


“I have used this product daily for months, about 30 minutes each time. The energizing effect lasts throughout the entire day, and I now sleep like a baby, which was always difficult for me. Very happy I purchased this device.”

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