Nancy McGrory Richardson, Vice President of Healthcare

Nancy McGrory Richardson has more than 25 years as a communications strategist. Her professional life has been dedicated to educating and advocating complex topics to scientists, researchers, healthcare professionals, patients and, families as well as regulatory and policy professionals at every level of the government. She has designed and implement hundreds of strategic marketing programs; both internal and external. Her background includes Fortune 100 companies to entrepreneurial enterprises as well as non-profits. As a patient advocate, Nancy was able to work at the highest level of the FDA in order to advance an experimental drug for a disease with no approved treatments. Nancy has expertise in risk communication and integrative medicine. Nancy is one of the co-founders of Freedom and Honor, a veterans PTSD workshop supported by AMVETS. The organization has served more than 8,000 veterans. She is certified in the trauma resiliency model, Accunet® and Body Talk® modalities.

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“I ordered this Hummingbird for my daughter, excellent service from Vital Motion. She noticed improvements after just 2-3 days! She says, ‘I finally slept all night last night. Woke up feeling better. My leg and overall pain has reduced! I am so grateful for this amazing gift.’ Thank you Vital Motion!”


“This device has truly made a significant difference with the pain and burning sensation in my feet. I am also sleeping much longer at night!”

Monique S.
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